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    Roghan Surkh Asli

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    ROGHAN SURKH ASLI is a long trusted multi use unani medicine, prepared from rare herbs, essential oils & precious ingredients. It’s highly recommended  for all sorts of muscular & rheumatic pains, sores, sprains,  burns, inflammation,  pains arising out of fatigue & cold etc

    Rs. 187.00
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    Sheff Kerub

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    Prepared from rare herbs, essential oils & precious ingredients as a result of intensive research and innumerable experiments KERUB is a wonderful dual character cream. Despite being a quick action herbal pain killer for all types of muscular and rheumatic pains KERUB is also a very convenient, highly effective, fast acting fist aid cream, which is very first of it's kind, for all homely and traveling accidents like cuts, bums, sprains, swelling, wounds etc.

    Weight: 20gms

    Rs. 44.00
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    Sheff Kamreen

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    Leucorrhoea is a common  disease in females which eats them up like weevil & weakens them. Kamreen, having enriched with Chikni Supari, Samug Dhag, Lodh Pathani,  Sat Gilo, Musli Safaid Asgand & other selected herbs of high medicinal values, strengthens uterus & controls extra secretion thereof. Relieves waist ache. Removes general health run down, weakness & irritation. It also removes sexual, disinterest  & be wilderness. It has also been proved successful in removing infertility. Corrects mensural irregularities.

    Weight: 250 gms

    Rs. 181.00
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    Sheff Sersonekhs - Hind Chemicals

    Sheff Sarsoneks

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    Sheff Sorsoneks is a rare composition of selected herbs to protect you from the diseases arising out of changes in weather conditions. It helps you get rid of the ailments caused by blood impurity like skin diseases, boils, eczema, urticaria, pimples, acne, measles & also relieves ill urination.

    Weight: 200 ml

    Rs. 129.00

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HCCWs unani medicine products get prepared from traditional and highly trusted unani formulas.

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All our unani medicines are purely natural and organic, manufactured under hygienic processes.

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Our entire range unani medicinal preparations are 100% safe and natural with zero side effects.

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Welcome to Hind C & C Works (HCCW), one of the renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers of unani medicine, Unani natural remedies, Herbal Medicine products and other unani medicine products. Our right-prepared unani product list includes effective unani medicines, pain relieving oils, gels, creams and ointments. Unani medicine treatment promises a lot more with unani dawa, herbs and natural remedies. We are one of the authentic natural, herbal medicine manufacturers & Unani OTC drugs manufacturers.

We are also the genuine formulators of roghan surkh asli the purest unani medicine enriched with unique roghan surkh herb and medicinal properties. Get unani medicines online from a range of unani medicine products including price information for unani medicines from the comprehensive unani medicine list of Roghan Surkh Asli, Kerub, Qabzina, Kamreen, Sarsoneks, Cuf Tee, Hind Joshanda, Sheff Churna,and so on.

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