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Unani Remedies and Effectiveness

Unani is an old mythical ancient Greek medicine based on the concept of balancing body humors. According to unani, health and illness depends upon the balancing of these humors in the body. And they are Dam (Blood), Balgham (Phlegm), Safra (Yellow bile), Sauda(Black bile) composed with equanimity in a body. If any one of these deteriorated and effect body then diseases pop up and the virological assay sets in. Every individual’s body consists of these 4 humors and different temperaments. To maintain equanimity of all these humors in our body hakims discovered the herbal remedies to balance them all. Herbal remedies can be a safer, less expensive alternative to pharmaceuticals and even it promises for only Effects and No-Side Effects.
How Unani remedies work?
Unani remedies are bona fide and are based on herbs derived across the world. Herbalist uses herbal medicines, or mixtures of plants extracts to treat illness and promote health. Nature is the greatest aid in itself, and Unani a complete branch of medical science has given cure with herbs. Unani believers believe that the remedy of healing works due to the sensitive chemical balance of the whole plant, or mixtures of plants, not one particular active ingredient. Unani remedies work and heal the organs that are asking for your attention. There are several institutes of Unani medicines in India that are working and partaking in the manufacture of Unani remedies. Herbal treatment is a slow process and displays its effect gradually by time. Sabotaged humor healed by Unani remedies, but the cure demands for sluggish growth to mutate to a healthy structure.
Effectiveness of remedies
How long you need to take medicines depends upon various factors. Unani system assimilates large number of drugs from Ayurveda and Siddha for research based purpose. The natural implementation in the body used to exonerate diseases spacing inside the body. The effectiveness of remedies had clinched kudos in massive number. Unani also said to be effective in increase in mind power to stimulate well through ayurvedic medications where a worry of side effects does not persists. Unani remedies are working efficiently to raise immunity levels of many incurable diseases, such as- AIDS and Diabetes; its efficacy in treating sexual disorders is indeed unrivalled. The average time taken to cure is 2-4 months, but medications should be processed for long if necessary to recover well. Unani Physicians does not prescribe the strongest drug in the initial stage. Post diagnoses they select the drug according to the seriousness of the diseases penetrated inside the body and the result of the effectiveness of the remedy is observed to gain the healthy condition of the body. In the future, Unani intend to focus on reproductive health, childcare, women’s health and neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

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Unani Medicine System and Herbal Unani Treatment

What is Unani?

Unani medicine system or commonly known as Unanipathy originated in Greece. Unanipathy is based on the principles formulated by Galen who was a Greek practitioner of Unani. The system was later perfected by many Arab and Persian scholars. Abu Sina, an Arab philosopher and physicist who wrote ‘Kitab-al-shifa’ or ‘Avicenna’ turned out to be noteworthy. The system became ‘Unani’ (Arabic name for Greek system of medicine) which was known before as ‘Galenic’ system of medicine.

Unani medicine system has a great and remarkable record in India after its introduction somewhere in 10th century A.D. with the very spread of Islamic civilization. At present, Unanipathy has become a part of the Indian medicine system and is one of the leading countries where unani treatments are practiced. The unani medicines have been found very much similar to the traditional Ayurveda medicine system.

Unani medicine system established that diseases are a natural process of the body and the symptoms are reactions of the body against the disease. Unanipathy believes in the humoral theory that explains the presence of four humours in human body, namely – Dam (blood), Balgham (phlegm), Safra (yellow bile) and Sauda (black bile). These humours have their own characteristics that they possess – blood is hot and moist, phlegm is cold and moist, yellow bile is hot and dry, while black bile is cold and dry. According to Unani medicine system, a person is well and healthy if all the humours and their primary qualities are in a state of mutual equilibrium.

The diagnosis of various diseases in Unani medicine system is carried out by examining pulse, urine and stool. Unanipathy clearly observes the influence of environmental conditions on health like air, food, drinks, body movement and repose, psychic movement and repose, sleep and wakefulness, excretion and retention. The influence causes a dominance of one or more humours in the body that results in the disease, temperament, complexion and individual habit according to the unani medicine system.

Unanipathy aims at maintaining proper health by conserving symmetry in the different spheres of a human’s life. Unani medicine treatment practitioners not only cure diseases in human body but also act as an ethical instructor.


Regimental Therapy: This therapy includes venesection, cupping, diaphoresis, diuresis, turkish bath, massage, cauterisation, purging, emesis, exercise and leeching.

Dietotherapy: It deals with ailments by specific diet plans and regulating the quantity and quality of food.

Pharmacotherapy: This therapy deals with the use of naturally occurring drugs of animal and mineral origin. Single or raw drugs are preferred over compound formulations.

Unanipathy, the Unani medicine system has proved the ability to cure diseases like Arthritis, Leucoderma, Jaundice, Bronchial Asthma, Filariasis and many other acute and chronic diseases where other medicine systems fail to show positive results. The Unani medicine system is a secular system in character and is popular among the masses.