Anti Pyretic

Anti pyretic is something that reduces fever or works against fever. Anti pyretic medicine lowers raised body temperature if someone has high temperature due to fever. Herbal unani medicines are the best since it has no side effects. Hind Chemicals India, herbal unani product manufacturer brings you herbal unani anti pyretic medicine online – Sheff Jarnash. Highly effective in all kinds of Malarial turtians,quadrate and epidemicfever which improves liverand spleen function.Corrects digestion andincreases appetite. Being free from quinine has no side effect. Sheff Jarnash is the herbal unani drug and natural treatment of fever, it is made up of medicinal herbs. Pure herbal unani medicines are exclusively available online at Hind Chemicals India. Hind Chemicals India bringing you the bliss of natural unani therapy to cure diseases. Store in cool and dry place and take dosage according to doctor’s advise. Easy order and return of herbal unani medicine is available online.

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    Sheff Jarnash

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    Highly effective in all kinds of Malarial turtians,quadrate and epidemic fever which improves liver and spleen function.Corrects digestion and increases appetite. Being free from quinine  has no side effect.

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